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Updated 7/3/19
Current Jobs Bidding in the Next 30 Days

Click on the job below for more information:

  • Patriot Park Industrial Building: Bid Opening - TBA
  • Grace Elementary School: Bid Opening - TBA
  • Strata Apartments and Townhomes: Bid Opening - TBA
  • Iglesia De Jesuscristo Palabra Miel: Bid Opening - TBA
  • Brad Hall Office: Bid Opening - TBA
  • Kaysville Commons - Shell Package: Bid Opening - TBA
  • Kier Management - Shell Package: Bid Opening - TBA


    Note:  This information provided for information only as a service to contractors and suppliers, wishing to provide bids on these jobs.  Contact listed Architect for plans and latest information on bid dates, addendums, changes, etc.   ESA assumes no liability for the accuracy of this information.

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