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Dwayne C. Sudweeks


Dwayne Sudweeks is a licensed Mechanical Engineer and President of Engineered Systems Associates, Inc.

Dwayne received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree from Idaho State University in 1983, with previous education at Brigham Young University and the University of Idaho.

Dwayne has been with Engineered Systems Associates, Inc., since 1979. He is in charge of computer-aided drafting, technical assistance studies, and multiple engineering projects.

Dwayne is also in charge of writing project reports and directing the Mechanical Design Team. He prepares cost estimates for work to be performed. Dwayne performs computer calculations, makes analyses of the mechanical systems, coordinates and assists with plans and drawings, and oversees construction of the projects.

In addition to providing mechanical consulting services, Dwayne is a Certified Energy Auditor for the Department of Energy Institutional Conservation Program and a Certified TAS Analyst. Dwayne is also certified in HVAC System Balancing, computer operation, programming, CADD, load estimating, and equipment sizing.

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