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Mike has been working for Engineered Systems Associates since 1985. His experience includes calculating heat loss, cooling loads, duct system design and layout, and piping system design and layout.

Mike's duties are to size equipment, prepare plans, drawings, and other documents as well as reproducing such documents for clients. He prepares the design development drawings, visits the job sites to take field measurements, and puts the existing conditions into the computer for reference and design as the project progresses. He also makes job visits and attends job meetings and bid openings.

Mike is a 1980 graduate of Soda Springs High School. In 1984, he received a Certificate for Mechanical Drafting from Idaho State University. In 1985, Mike received his Associate of Applied Science in Design Drafting from Idaho State University. He then completed CADD Training in 1987 from the Denver Institute of Technology and has over 30 years experience in CADD drafting of HVAC systems using AutoCAD.

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